River Quaggy Trail and Sports Grounds Vision

Within and to the north of the Lee Forum area are a unique, large set of sports grounds which are largely hidden, traversed by the River Quaggy which is largely inaccessible.

These grounds are coming under increasing pressure from development. The first step in achieving this is to fence them off, close them off from local clubs, leave the grounds to become overgrown and the clubhouses to become derelict. This has already happened in three of the grounds north of the river.

The vision is that these sports grounds become again a thriving area of recreation and sport, and that the river provides a nature and recreation trail that links Lee and Kidbooke, part of a wider aspiration what would link communities all the way along the river from Central Lewisham to Chinbrook Meadows in Grove Park and beyond.

Lee Forum is not alone in working for this project. More to come from other groups and local people …. watch this space!