Sarah McMichael (Chair)

has enjoyed living in the Forum area for 19 years. Raising a family here, Sarah was one of Lee Forum’s founders, motivated by a desire to give the community a stronger voice in local planning matters. She is particularly interested in fostering vibrancy in Lee Green town centre, Lee High Road and smaller shopping parades.

Marcus Meyers (Treasurer)

is the current Treasurer of the Forum and moved into the area in 2008 with his young family. He works at the cutting edge of public transportation and mobility issues.

Pippa Bampton

has lived in the area for 56 years. She has a great concern for the improvement of facilities for the disabled and is a keen member of Quaggy Waterways Action Group (QWAG).

David Brining

comes from Leeds in West Yorkshire and moved to London in January 2017. He has worked in education for over 30 years, living and teaching in several countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He has a BA from the University of Warwick, and an MA and PhD from the University of York. He is currently teaching in the English Language Centre at King’s College London. His connections with Lee and Blackheath come through his mother’s parents, who grew up here in the first quarter of the last century, before moving to East Sussex and a house they named Burnt Ash! David is particularly interested in helping with Lee Forum’s Neighbourhood Development Plan, the Quaggy Walk, Healthy Neighbourhood scheme and the regeneration of the New Tiger’s Head and Leegate Centre. His interests include playing tennis, watching cricket and singing with Eltham Choral Society.

Peter Cleary

moved to his current address in Lee Green 36 years ago from his first address in Eltham. He knows the area well and is keen that, as far as is possible in this day and age, the best in the Forum’s area is preserved. Residing in the area that falls within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, he is aware of the acute pressures arising from the ongoing and proposed developments in and around the Kidbrooke area. He is also a committee member of his residents’ association and the local Ramblers group.

Nicolette Duckham

has lived in the area for 21 years, raising a family here. She is a building conservation officer with a West London borough and is familiar with heritage planning matters. She has served on the Forum’s committee since the 2016 AGM and is very keen on local heritage protection and encouraging better quality new development.

David Ford

has been a local resident for over 40 years. He is passionate about our environment, hates littering and flytipping and is a volunteer on the maintenance of station embankments. He helps to maintain the green on Woodyates Road and gets involved in river dipping to keep the Quaggy clear and silt free. He is keen to work on the Forum’s Green and Blue Spaces working group.

Carole Hicks

has lived in the area for over 30 years and enjoys the local facilities and environment. She feels it is important for local people to be heard and involved in the development of their area and community. She helps out at keeping the embankments surrounding Hither Green Station pleasant and is a member of FUSS Friends of Staplehurst Shops.

Leonard Kelly

is celebrating his third year living in Lee. In addition to working in media, he is also aligned with an ‘ethics in advertising’ volunteer group named Conscious Ad Network, alongside mentoring young adults from lower economic communities (via HATCH Enterprise & Creative Mentor Network). He signed up for the Courtlands Residents’ Association on arriving in Lee, felt moved by the sense of community shown during the early stages of Covid, and has been inspired to try and contribute to the community on a wider scale. Working on the Quaggy Walkway project will be his main focus within the Forum committee.

Patricia Richardson

was born and brought up in the area and went to school here. Her grandfather came to Lee at the turn of the last century. Pat is a founder and Secretary of Users and Friends of Manor House Library and has previously served on the committee of Manor House Gardens Users Group. Both of these groups and Lee Forum are part of a Consortium of local groups which work to improve the local area through collaboration.

Peter Richardson

is a founder and Chair of Users and Friends of Manor House Library and continues to battle to retain this community asset. He is also a Lee Green Assembly coordinator and is keen to be involved in a group which has the power to be recognised by Lewisham and Greenwich Councils.

Gill Stoker

has lived in the area for over 40 years and has served on the Forum’s committee since the 2016 AGM. She has a particular interest in eyesore properties in the area and is keen to tackle dilapidation. Gill teaches from home in Lee, and works at the Mary Evans Picture Library in Blackheath Village. She has three degrees from the University of London, including a PhD in Art History, and worked as an Associate Lecturer with the Open University for more than 21 years. She maintains the Forum’s Facebook page and helps to keep the website updated.