Lee Forum promotes and improves the social, economic and environmental well-being of the neighbourhood. Membership is free, and open to all who live, work, or have an interest in the area.

The Forum will produce a Neighbourhood Plan which will give our community direct power to develop a shared vision for the development of our local area. The Neighbourhood Plan will influence where new homes, shops, community facilities and offices are built by facilitating planning permission for those that best meet the needs of the local community. It will also help protect valued local heritage and character.


If you live, work or have an interest in the area we’re interested in hearing your views on a range of issues, from housing, schools, libraries and green spaces to transport, character and heritage. Please help us by taking our survey here.

Evidence Gathering

The Neighbourhood Plan will be the result of consultation by and of local people. The more local people tell us and become involved, the better it will be.

Making a Plan

Consultation results will be turned into a draft plan which will be circulated for further comment and discussion.


We are working with Lewisham Council to get something done about a seriously neglected building near Lee Green crossroads, above BetFred. The Council are prepared to take legal action if enough local people show their concern via this petition. More details can be found here.

Keeping updated

Please become a member to ensure you receive all our consultations. New committee members and volunteers are welcomed. Please email us to become involved.

The Lee Forum uses both Facebook and Twitter to report news and events. However if you prefer not to use social media, please find a digest of our Facebook posts below which is updated automatically: